Our boutique film production company Mirrorstage Media is seeking the services of an experienced location scout/researcher to work in our Paris studio, situated in the Left Bank.
The successful candidate will work with our director Qing Xie to find suitable and evocative locations in the Paris area for an upcoming film project.
You must be able to speak English to apply for this position.
Mirrorstage Media is a boutique company, focussed on creating visually rich and arresting cinematic stories. Our previous projects have been distinctive in their vision, and we have been recognised by acclaimed filmmakers worldwide.
You can find out more about director Qing here:
As a location researcher, you must have an in-depth knowledge of the local film industry and suitable locations for filming. You will have a creative eye, and be able to work within tight budgets, and have established relationships with an extensive range of filming locations.
You will have flare for recognising the unique potential of a location, and how it can contribute to the overall success of a scene. You will also have an understanding of the potential limitations that may be inherent in each location (exterior noise interference, size limitations etc).
Locations are integral to all Mirrorstage Media projects. and we thus view this role as a creative one.
Please apply by contacting us through the website.